3D services for the Medical equipment sector

Arista Studio has more than 10 years experience in providing 3D services for the medical sector. As such we offer a broad range of services covering your 3D innovation end to end.

3D Innovation consultancy

AR and VR experiences

Virtual training

Digital asset creation

3D visualizations

Design automation

Philips Azurion TSM



Philips Azurion OR

STRYKER Tandem pendant

Siemens Zeego 3D model

PHILIPS Incisive CT Scanner

Intraoperative MR-OR interactive experience

Based on our extensive experience in creating 3D digital assets from companies like Dräger, Stryker, Philips and Siemens we have developed advanced content creation pipelines that allows us to be fast and cost effective.

From digital asset production and product animations to AR and VR experiences, Arista Studio has all the necessary skills to help you engage with your customers in the best possible way.