Fail often / Learn fast

What are the benefits of virtual learning ?

  • Affordable
  • Making mistakes is expensive, but you learn the most by making mistakes. 3D environments and VR offer the chance to quickly train your staff by trial and error in a safe and affordable manner.
  • Fail often, learn fast!


It is a safe method of training high risk skills that are dangerous to the user, equipment or the environment. In 3D you can burn, cut, explode, squish, melt, crash, short-circuit, fall, etc… without other consequences than learning from your errors.

  • Effective
  • Virtual training solutions vastly improves the speed of the training process and the retention of information. In a week you could do 10 virtual visits to learn from real case scenarios. In real life, it could take a year to realize that many projects.

  • Appealing

Virtual training packages and especially VR are fun and active learning methods that are not only effective but also offer an attractive experience.

Track your team's development

By using 3D environments to train your employees you gain insights in how your team’s learning process is developing. How the members are progressing, what are the bottlenecks they encounter and what are their achievements.

Generate quizzes, surveys and user defined check points to keep track and adapt your learning strategy where necessary to maximize your output.

Based on a PwC study

Scalable solutions

By reusing code and having advanced content creation pipelines we can create virtual training packages at a fraction of the cost of traditional game development pipelines. For the price of a prototype we can build a whole training package!

Collaborative Environments

All our training games can be experienced as a collaborative experiences. Have the subject matter experts join the discussion from all over the world and collaboratively gain knowledge through meaningful interaction.

These experiences offer the perfect balance between class learning and scalability. Especially suited for companies with an international network of stakeholders.


Medical equipment installation training

For one of the main medical healthcare suppliers, we created a demo on how to install an X-Ray robotic arm on the floor of the hospital room.

FSE’s have to travel far and often to visit new building sites and get on the job experience. Their learning process is expensive and slow.

By using 3D and VR you can have a new FSE virtually visit and build several sites in a day. Virtual training can speed up the knowledge transfer by months with a fraction of the costs.

Medical equipment service training

In this demo we used an existing video manual for visual references and recreated a whole start-up sequence training for an MRI system. In the training not only you recieve the instructions on how to perform the tasks but you actually have to perform them. The training offers some challenging steps to enhance learning.

Automotive design collaboration

In this experience you can interact with the 3D CAD model that has been converted from the main CAD file at R&D. The car model and its design options can be reviewed in the engine and differet tools like a measuring tape and a note editor give the users the possibility of improving the design of the car.

One experience = endless deployment strategies. Easy sharing and distribution on industry standard devices through an LMS platform which is SCORM and XAPI compatible.